The Flying Monkey

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The Flying Monkey has a full template with a narrower nose and has a lot of curve. The bottom has a deep double barrel concave going through the fins with a slight vee at the tail. The Flying Monkey is a great all-around surfboard for everyday surf with tight turns and fast down the line speed. The Flying Monkey is a super fun and fast board.


4 comments on “The Flying Monkey

  1. Current board shaped by Eisaku – chuck dent
    “the chubby” 5’7 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/4 .. Groveler

    Interested in Fying Monkey
    What size would you recommend?

    What would you compare the Flying Monkey with?
    Channel island, Lost,, etc…

    Serious inquiry! Looking to purchase soon..

  2. hey there,
    been riding Sakals’ forever, … been working inland for awhile,Im 37 now. Ready to move home permanatly. boards I have a few boards Ryan shaped for me Via my boy Justin Prior who passed in 08′
    6’2×18”1/2×2″1/4x zero5,rounded pin,
    6’2×18″3/4×21/4x zero4, squash
    Also a similar fish that id ride Newport on barreling days…
    also a couple Brewers 6’4 and 6’6 for my semis…

    those boards Ive had for a few years, I was in good shape at 180-185 lbs and those were good dimensions for me surfing HB and beachbreaks, rounded pin and Squash worked well in head high to 2-3′ over head Santa cruz… but im 5’8″ sitting at 202lbs and dont have any drive in my shortboards… wondering if you got some Ideas for me besides lose the weight…. I still like my rail to rail surfing mostly throwi big sweeping cutbacks still, and punching lip. Im still in Reno right now but will be in town next week for interview. I want to update my quiver and leaving for Hawaii in about 7 1/2 weeks, see what we can get done before or if even Possible. if you can get back to me I would greatly appreciate it. feel free to call if you would like (775) 354-9390

    Thank You,
    Josh Thomason

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